When calling a national locksmith company, it is highly likely that you will only speak to a middle man in a call center that the local phone numbers divert to not a locksmith themselves. When speaking to one of the call center representatives they will ask for your address so that they can find a locksmith in your local area.

The locksmiths used by national companies are often newly trained locksmiths that have very little experience and only basic knowledge about the trade, this is because experienced locksmiths often have enough business themselves, so they don’t need to sub-contract. The locksmith that arrives at your property is told to charge you by the hour plus parts which are usually seriously marked up plus VAT.

It is often the case that customers are not informed of the additional charges or have been misled to believe otherwise. The locksmith that attends your home keeps a small percentage of the bill for themselves and the rest goes to the national company, this is another reason why their fees are so high!

Reasons to Avoid National Locksmiths

  • Considerably higher prices, especially out of hours, bank holidays and weekends!
  • Poor customer service in particular when work has been completed as any problems will be blamed on the sub-contractor and the national locksmith company will make no effort to resolve the issue or take blame.
  • National locksmiths have a lot of overheads to cover such as staff, advertising and sponsored web links through google and other search engines.
  • They don’t care about their reputation in the same way a local locksmith does and any problems you have will be left to the sub-contractor to sort out and this may never happen.

How to Tell If It Is A National Locksmith Company?

  • When you call for a locksmith ask which company you have called, in most cases national locksmith companies will not be able to answer as they have multiple companies in different areas.
  • In paper directories it is worth checking for a reference number at the bottom of the add as they will advertise as “Local Locksmiths” even when there not and only national locksmiths will have these.
  • National locksmith adverts tend to be a lot larger in size than local locksmiths, but they may use lots of small adverts instead, so it is worth checking the reference number at the bottom of the advert.
  • Everything is controlled by the call center so you will never speak with a locksmith directly on the phone to confirm the price or the job.
  • When you book a job with a national locksmith company, they will ask for your card details, this is something that a local locksmith will never do. By taking your card details the company can also charge you if you need to cancel for any reasons such as you find a real local locksmith that can get there quicker and charge half the price!
  • More often than not a national locksmith company will not give you a quote over the phone as they need to check how far away an available locksmith is from your home, so if they are some distance away expect to pay more and wait longer! They basically just make up a price as they go along!

Only you can make the decision if you would like to use a national locksmith company or not but if you want a professional job at a fair price then contact New Homes New Locks today – 07368 482393

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